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The Best Kept Secrets About Valuation

You’ve got an iPhone you can go to the iTunes and subscribe if you’ve android on the property couch we ‘ve put a video there on how to subscribe but Ben’s got a parting message yeah just put my paper hat on for a second where it’s a stand ¬†this is a petitioner the government to regulate the property investment industry if you haven’t signed the petition please we’ve obviously got an unregulated-industry we want to protect consumers and make sure that they’re not being ripped off by sprinklers so if you sign that petition will continue to keep-fighting the good fight and if you rejoin me in thanking Dr.

Andrew Wilson for joining us on the couch today thank you well they how good was that the content was unbelievable and we told you that he can talk to me when I he can talk and there’s angled and layers players so the car can scrape you might have listened or.

the capital your mother listen to it a couple times but if you’re listening to this on the normal podcast you can go to the public apps for calm today you and there West Coast Valuers will be a video you’re watching us here on the video thanks for watching and we will no sorry no uh no no soft so we’ll see yours there currently an Australian property bubble? Some experts say that there is and that prices in property could fall by as much as % or more. While other experts say that we aren’t.¬†

Today, I have with me an expert in the Australian property bubble, an economist, Steve Keen, who understands this issue like nobody else. I was really excited to get him and to understand why he believes that we are in a property bubble in Australia, to talk through some of the statistics and to also really get an idea of is this bubble likely to pop in the near future and what can we do about it as investors.

I’m really excited to have this interview today on whether or not Australia is experiencing a property bubble and what we can do about it.I do want to apologize ahead of time for the quality of the recording. The internet at my house wasn’t performing very well when we did this and we’re.