Five Ways On How To Prepare For Valuation

Evaluation what you’re doing if you don’t have a passion if you hate it like you know you’re not going to get the best result out of it so yeah because again I find with a lot of seminars and things again is if people aren’t into it they’re going to pick holes in it and they’re going to whingeing mind and say I told you so and Oarlockt got to deal with these dodgy tenants where is that all the time, if you’re into property, said well I deal with the tenants the property managers I wouldn’t know if there are any problems exactly something that well Isay Valuations SA.

The biggest killer in peoples opportunities is their own mind and you know the decisions that they make people ask me how easy is it to get in the property and to get into property it’s just a decision it’s a decision to commit yourself to it its decision to learn about its decision to take action yeah so look there’s never any perfect model yeah so let’s tell him the worst case what are the worst nightmares about property like what are the real downsides of property investing the depends if it’s we’re talking general public.

Out there all talking about myself as a general public I think a lot of people don’t educate himself so just go out there and try and buy a property and add their emotion to it like i want to buy this house because I wouldn’t-touch this property because i wouldn’t-live in it myself well you know if you buy that property and there are other properties are selling for fifty thousand dollars more exactly to same as that you’re basically saying yes or no green that’s how you process it sono you know a lot of people out there will add their emotion into their investing they’ll make rational decisions instead of you know educated decisions and I think it’s all about the mindset of you know the investor that all calls her own fate a lot of people out there want to go and manage a property themselves because I want to pay a real estate agent six seven eight nine percent to manage.