Things You Should Know About Valuation Brisbane

Talking you know those kind of really really built up areas and basically you know it depends on the lender as to whether they consider thigh density or not but you know a lot of those spots are being considered that way some other lenders are considering it if you’ve got over four stories or six stories and development then that’s considered to be high density and that’s you know quite.

A lot of the development sat the moment basically in those you know sports there’s not that many lenders that will go up to a high Randal those that will tend to be giving very conservative valuations that’s that’s a key issue that I’m seeing a lot of at the moment so you know for those of you who are in that spot just be really careful and you know see that toucan actually have some additional funds decide.

if you want to actually still complete the purchase I guess that’s bait of a cautionary tale as to you know buying off-the-plan if you’re not careful whatever get you buying it cane a bit of a concern you know there isa lot of supply coming online in those areas you just have to look at sort of around Melbourne you can see the huge developments growing up everywhere I’m not necessarily as bearish as a lot of people are in terms of you know the longer term scale of of having all these new developments coming up I think that you know that there is still demand overall Think that there are a lot of people whore sharing accommodation right.